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Installing WordPress locally

If you are interested in WordPress development, there are a couple of advantages to developing on your local computer before uploading to a paid hosting service. I would also argue that you should keep a local version of your website as well as the public version on a web host. This will allow you to […]

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Set up a local development environment on windows

Whether you are an experienced web developer or you are just starting out, it is important to have your own PHP/MySQL development environment. This will allow you to experiment and try new things without having to continually upload your files to a web server. It will also allow you to experiment with plugins and modules […]

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Taking your Joomla! website offline

In this tutorial you will learn how to take your newly installed Joomla! website offline so you can work on it without it being publicly visible. Once you have installed your new Joomla! web site it is time to make changes to it. You will want to take it offline while you are completing this. […]

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