WordPress is the largest self-hosted blogging and content management tool in the world. Research has shown up to 20 percent of websites on the internet, as of this writting, are on the WordPress platform. Great FX Media has been customizing it since its launch in 2003. The bulk of the work we do is WordPress development because there is not much you cannot do with it with some skill and custom coding. However, the biggest reason we use it is our customers love it. It is very easy for non-technically savvy as well as power users to use and update their own web sites if they choose to do so. Here are just some of the things we do with WordPress.

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Convert Photoshop Documents to WordPress

Some of our customers are web designers and agencys and not necessarily developers. We take their concepts that are designed in Photoshop and convert them to a fully functional website with an easy to use administration section. Not only do we do this with Photoshop files, we regularly work with designs created in Illustrator, Fireworks and InDesign. We can convert just about anything to a WordPress theme.

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Custom WordPress Development

Do you need something unique? We can develop anything you need. If you can dream it, we can create it. By utilizing the WordPress platform we develop very complex functionality at a fraction of the cost it would be to have designed from scratch. We can develop themes to your specifications or we can develop a customized plugin that can be installed in nearly any WordPress installation.

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Current Website to WordPress

If you are currently working with a developer that has developed your site with simple HTML and CSS you probably have to rely on them to update your website for you. You may love your website but wish you could make changes to it yourself. We can help. We can take any current web site and convert it to WordPress so you can make changes to your content yourself in an easy to use administration section.

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Ecommerce on WordPress

There is a lot of shopping cart software out there today. Most of them do the job very well but unfortunately that is all they do well. If you want to add a blog section (which you should) or custom pages it can be a real chore to set that up.  If you want an eCommerce web site that can do more than display your products, WordPress should be your first choice. It is easy to use whether you are adding addition pages, blog posts, or just about anything else you would like to add to your website.


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